this side of me

“you’re different now,” she said
and I felt myself bristle,
a guard rising, like thick…

drunk on moonlight

I woke up last night at around two A.M. to quiet and moonlight pouring in through our bedroom window. I peered over at my husband, still sound asleep, chest rising and falling in rhythm with his breath. I sat up with the covers still wrapped around me in the cold night air, and pulled our […]

The Worst Start to RV life… EVER

The first week or so fully moved into our RV was rough to say the least. We were behind schedule up until the last minute. Both when it came to finishing our home installed solar system, and with moving out of our house. Our grand embarkment started with a 48-hour grind to get everything packed […]

into the storm

“park into the storm” I’m told. “wait it out” they say. and I know that’s what i should do, but as i sit, palms sweaty on the steering wheel, my sense is no longer so common. the urge so strong to shove my foot, fully down on the throttle, and shoot myself full speed into […]

our new world

CJ and I are total and complete opposites, and yet, the same in so many ways. I grew up in the middle of nowhere on 40 acres, with a seasonal creek flowing through our land. my days were spent running around barefoot, digging into mud, climbing trees with no one my age around for at […]

cough syrup

When I was a little girl, my mama and I were home alone and we had both come down with the same nasty bug. You know the one, the one that raids your body with a sore throat, a terrible cough, hot spells and cold chills. Neither of us could sleep because each time we […]

The Desert.

the desert is underrated. and I get it. being from arizona, I reached a point in my teenage years that I dismissed the wild, arid land i grew up on as ugly, and dull. 50 shades of beige. I craved forests and lakes and lush rolling hills, the grass that was literally greener on the […]

One last hike in Big Bend

I sat on top of the world, on southern rim of the Chisos, the entire ridge quiet and, but for CJ and I, empty. I looked out over Big Bend’s endless desert hills and peaks, breath already beginning to slow, but heartbeat still echoing in my ears from the trek. I pulled my journal and […]