How To Park/Camp with your RV for FREE

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Boondocking is a term used to describe camping with your RV, Skoolie, van, etc. out in nature without hookups. No plug ins, no water connection, and no sewer. Just you, your rig, and the great outdoors. Best part? most times, these spots are 100% FREE.  Being that we […]

The Worst Start to RV life… EVER

The first week or so fully moved into our RV was rough to say the least. We were behind schedule up until the last minute. Both when it came to finishing our home installed solar system, and with moving out of our house. Our grand embarkment started with a 48-hour grind to get everything packed […]

2018: A year lived outside the box

Yesterday i woke up in my tiny home on wheels and spent a good chunk of the morning looking at photos of our journey so far, and reminiscing with CJ about the good, the gorgeous and the scary. 2018 was the most challenging and rewarding years of our lives.  we multiplied our time outside from the previous […]