drunk on moonlight

I woke up last night at around two A.M. to quiet and moonlight pouring in through our bedroom window. I peered over at my husband, still sound asleep, chest rising and falling in rhythm with his breath. I sat up with the covers still wrapped around me in the cold night air, and pulled our curtains back, looking out onto a moonlit desert terrain, no other light around for miles.

I sat silently, and stared at the impressive full moon for a few moments, in awe of its raw beauty and power.

as i watched illuminated wisps of white clouds slowly slide over the surface, I settled into myself; into the pattern of my own breathing.

in that moment, it was as though i had tuned in to another frequency, and I realized the night wasn’t so quiet after all. all around me, there were other animals, howling, croaking, scuttling across the desert floor.

other wild creatures who, like me, were drunk on moonlight.☽

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