(Disclaimer from Gwen: CJ chose to incorrectly use the word ‘thrice’ not once, not twice but…well… thrice. He refuses to let me change it. Enjoy.)


My name is Charles Joe Schero IV, very regal I know, and other than on a legal document I haven’t really seen my name typed out.

I grew up in a big little town in Texas called Carrollton. It is a typical suburban city where red brick houses and tight knit communities are abundant.

I was raised by my mother Jenny, and father Chuck with one older sister, Niki. We call her my “big little sister” on account of her being vertically challenged. (5’5”)

By age 9, I was abnormally tall and awkward but would proudly tell you, a perfect stranger, that “I was told by my doctor that I am in the 99th percentile of kids my age for height”. And before you could stuff my face full of food to get me to shut up, I would also tell you that “that means that I am going to be 6”2’ by the time I’m 16! Isn’t that amazing”

By age 16, I just made the cut… I was measured on my birthday at 6’2 and 1/2”. My weirdest accomplishment to date. After that, I got my license, and was giving all of my friends rides in my sweet two seater dodge truck.

By 17, I actually did accomplish something; I was awarded my Eagle Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America. It sure didn’t help with my overall popularity in highschool, but now I would say it was worth all 10 years I devoted to it.

By 18, I graduated Creekview Highschool, near the top third of my class.

Also 18, I began attending classes at THE New Mexico State University. Originally pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, with a renewable energy specialty. (It was in the same year that I weirdly fell in love with solar panels)

By 19, I picked up this habit of drinking rugby and playing beer.

Also by 19, I meet this cute little thing named Gwendolyn Morgan Murphy. She was a prolific volleyball player just starting her rise to NMSU fame, and man, am I into tall girls.

Thrice by 19 I taught that volleyball player how to ride a long board and the rest was history. She dug my confidence and height as well, saying I once again “barely made the cut” at now a staggering 6’3 1/2”.

By 20, I had started my first business, Schero Consulting; helping local Las Cruces Companies be better social media marketers. It was profitable and a good learning experience, but juggling that, 18 credit hours, and my sweet waiter gig, I quickly exhausted my self.

Also by 20, I made the “Dean’s List” in The schools of Business and Engineering in the same semester. 👌

By 21, I was named the captain of that rugby team. “The Red Hot Mother Fucking Chiles”

By 22 me and a friend of mine started a small time beard oil company called “Big Top Beard Company”. Unfortunately, we never gave it the love it needed to flourish.

By 23, I married that volleyball player in the mountains above Santa Fe, New Mexico. We became mr and misses Charles Joe Schero IV and Gwendolyn Morgan Murphy, respectively. Because she confidently kept her maiden name, much to the dismay of my very conservative Texas relatives.

Also by 23 we had moved to Seattle, Washington to start our lives together…. it was amazing but….

Thrice by 23 we move again because I got a job in Tracy, California.

By 24 we make a short move to Antioch, CA to be closer to Gwen’s work, and we’re starting to think long term about buying a house in the area… clearly that didn’t pan out

By 25 I had gone back to school to become a front end web designer.

Also by 25, We had this vision- you know the one Gwen is so wonderfully documenting, and we started Little Green RV LLC with our development company (Little Green Development) and of course Our Little Green Adventure.

Thrice by 25 we changed our lives completely, renovated an RV (Adelaide) and decided to travel full time.

Now at 26, the worst part of my day is walking 10 ft to make coffee in the morning. I design and build beautiful websites for small businesses. I hike every other day. I shoot beautiful pictures of my hot wife all over the U.S. and fuck yeah, life is amazing.

Also at 26, my life is amazing because I choose it. I have been the architect of every inch of my home, work, and enjoyment. Take it from a once very despressed soul, today is yours to make, THE BEST. And to quote a famous rapper that I find very inspirational, Russ, “Life’s a buffet, you gotta eat it up.”

Anyways this is the longest bio ever because Gwen writes all of our Instagram captions with only minor help from me so I figured I would over compensate.

Bye for now,